New Year. Can’t wait.

So, it’s the new year.  2012. Let me tell you a little about my 2011 in Detroit MI.

I got laid off in January. Never worked more than 40 hours a week on any one job. Spent most weekends gallivanting around Michigan taking photos of bicycle races.  Spent 3 weeks driving out to CA and back. I got my dog a puppy.

Worked up to 4 jobs a week. Become friends with people in all sorts of different social groups.  Put on the first sanctioned road bicycle race in the city of Detroit in over 20 years. Turned my dreams into reality.  Turned my reality into dreams. Started blogging for the Huffington Post Detroit. Started thinking about the future as a project that I can manipulate however I choose.  I spent a week in Dallas with family while George Clooney was filming Ides of March at Inside Detroit.  I turned 28.  I extended my circle of bicycling friends beyond measure.  I’m working on more new projects every day.  I tossed around the idea of moving to warmer climates for a job and a new life.  I’ve watched the one of the co-founders of Inside Detroit get married in a public ceremony in the middle of Downtown Detroit.  I went to a few Tigers games.  I watched the Lions have a hell of a season. I started work with the D:hive.  I went to a party in the David Whitney Building.  Watched Christmas Trees get put up on the Hudson Site. I rode the People Mover and made some new friends while doing it. I met Emanuel Steward and Tommy Hearns.

What I didn’t do in 2011 – I did not want.  I never looked around and felt sorry for the city I live in.  I never felt scared in the places I’ve been.  I’ve said goodbye to the co-founder of Inside Detroit, and wished her well on her new endeavors. I’ve seen a few good places close (Bureau of Urban Living which was replaced by Nest, so it wasn’t a bad thing really). I know of people’s houses and cars that have been broken into.  I didn’t get so wasted that I threw up in public.  I didn’t do anything all year that I wasn’t completely thrilled with the results.  I didn’t do anything I regret.  I didn’t go to a few parties that I should have.

Things that excite me for 2012 – Getting to go inside the GAR Building.

Putting on the second annual Criterium Detroit City. The possibility of absolutely everything. Riding my bike. Running my first 1/2 marathon. Being a tourist in my own town (sometimes you’ve just gotta). Being an insider.  Cinco de Mayo.  St. Patty’s Day Parade. Dally in the Alley. Noel Night. The Hoe Down. The Jazz Fest. Winter Blast. Running a 5k on Belle Isle on New Years Eve (I didn’t get to in 2011, but I will in 2012)!  The Detroit City Futbol League. Going on Canine to Five walks with my dogs. Being a part of something bigger than myself, all while being myself.

Again Detroit, thanks for making this all possible on a 20 hour a week pay check and a car when it snows.

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