So, I was asked by Midtown Detroit Inc. if I would like to help them with their new contemporary light art festival, DLECTRICITY, in the City of Detroit. For two nights, the historic architecture of Midtown became the canvas for local, national, and international artists displaying their cutting edge works of art. Over 35 projects were shown including video projection, 3D video mapping, lasers, light sculpture, interactive design, performance, and more. The event was all FREE to the public and open to all ages. The event took place on Friday October 5th and Saturday October 6th.

On October 6th, Sky Yeager, hosted a Q&A session from 4:30pm-5pm in the parking lot at the corner of Second Ave. and Warren (WSU parking lot 54). The Q&A brought in fewer people than I had hoped, but it was a pretty chilly outside. OmniCorpDetroit had set up a workshop that could fully deck out 400 bikes with different types of LED lights. They formed out an assembly line, and at 5pm they started passing out lights to people. I helped on the assembly line by passing out LED string lights. I left a few times to talk to our police escorts, talk to different people working on different parts of the night. Sometime between 6:30 and 6:50 we ran out of LED strings, we had gone through 400 of them. I passed out my yellow safety vests to my friends who had said yes to helping me sweep the ride.  At 6:50pm we started announcing that the ride should start lining up. I put kids in the front, that way even if they couldn’t keep up with the ride they could slowly fall back, but still be in the group. With 400+ people on a 3.75 mile ride, there weren’t many people I thought we would lose in the ride.

The actual ride started at 7:15, we wanted to make sure it was dark but not to dark. The Shinola bikes and riders led the ride behind our police escorts. I started out in front with them, but quickly stopped to make sure that the kids were staying in the ride. I yo-yo’d through the ride for the next 40 minutes. It was an amazing sight. There were people on all the streets we passed that were cheering and taking photos and video’s. In the middle of an art festival, in the middle of Midtown.

I’ll let you watch the video below, sorry for screaming, sometimes I get too excited about bikes. I will also update this blog with photo’s from the event as they pop up on the internet.


I want to thank everyone that helped out with this project. Everyone at Midtown Detroit Inc., OmniCorpDetroit, Shinola, Dave Lewinski, Martin Vecchio, and Achille Bianchi for photographing, Nate and Priya, Logan and Katie, Ted and Darren from the HUB, Chris and Natalie, all the businesses the helped out with prizes and promotion – Yelp Detroit, Motor City Brew Tours, Segways2U, Wheelhouse Detroit Bike Shop, Sweet Bikes, and Ducky Detroit, and Sue Mosey, Scott Benson, and Karen Gage for believing that I could help with your momentous event.


Again, a special thanks to Martin for putting up with my sleepless nights, last minute ideas, and always photographing things that I ask you to.


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