Spring Alley Cat: 4/20 Drug Wars!

While I don’t have any bike races on my calendar this year, it doesn’t mean I’m not helping out a little. Yesterday, even with as cold as it was we had a bunch of brave souls come out, man up and ride!

photo 2

An Alley Cat, if you are unfamiliar, is basically a scavenger hunt on a bike. This particular alley cat was started 5 years ago. It was the first Alley Cat I was ever invited too, and though I didn’t know much about bikes, I did know that my 1980’s Schwinn cruiser wouldn’t put me on the podium. And I was nervous about riding, so I didn’t go. Looking back, I’m sure I wouldn’t have been last, but there’s no way I knew the city well enough to get to where I needed to be the fastest. And in the 4 years between this and that one, no one has put on a 4/20 Alley Cat.

Until Brandon contacted me earlier this spring, saying that he wanted to do it again, wanted to know if I could help. I’d love to!

I’m not sure how much help I was, I helped pick some spots I wanted people to ride too and picked some of the “drugs” that I thought would be funny.

Just so you know how this works, if you’ve never done it before –

You show up to the start point, this year was OmniCorpDetroit, they were key in putting this on (probably because Brandon is a member and they all love bikes). At 4:20pm Brandon handed all the participants a bag full of “items” and a list of check points… Then racers scatter. When they reach a check point they had to read the directions and hand a person what ever was on the list.

Ex. You had to ride your bike to The Urban Put Put Course. Hand the ladies that were there a bag of “grass” (literally grass), they would give you a (fake) $100 bill, and you were on your way to the next spot. For each $100 bill you came back with, you got a point. If you came back with leftover “goods” you lost a point. Easy. There were prizes for 1-3 and one for DFL (dead f*ing last).

photo 3

I went and sat at the end of the Dequindre Cut Greenway. I had the awkward task of making each team blow up a balloon and making sure they tie it closed.  They would get points for showing up to the finish with the balloon still full. A lot of racers came to me first since I was really close to the start. But this probably backfired on them, since now they had to carry this full blown balloon all over town.

It was cold but sunny outside, so waiting around for 2 hours was alright. I was alone, but there were a bunch of people running on the cut. And hanging out with family. There were also a girl getting her senior pictures taken, she looked cold.

Anyways, look for more Alley Cat’s around Detroit. Thank Omnicorp and Brandon for putting on this one. It was fun and I can’t wait for the next one!

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