My Future – Detroit & Bikes

I’ve mentioned it a few times in past posts, but last year I was planning on moving to California. It was so Martin could race bikes year round and so I could once again live in the place where I’ve spent the most of my life. But around Christmas time Martin got on the Panther p/b Bakehouse team out of Ohio and he wanted to stay in Michigan and race for them. I had been planning for so long to move that I didn’t really know what to do. I hated the job I was at, so instead of looking for new jobs in CA, I started looking for ones in MI. I hadn’t planned on putting on any bike races because I wouldn’t be here. But I’ve found out that you have to plan for a bike race well before November the year before the actual race. So I knew there wasn’t any time to put on a real bike race.

I was stuck in a rut.

I didn’t know what life held for me, and for whatever reason when my present isn’t what I want it to be, I look ahead. Which if you think about it is dumb. You can’t see into the future. The things you do now effect where you end up, so if you are cloudy in your current situation, there is no way to see through that and see where you will end up. In my head I know this. But sometimes your head knows things, and you just fail to except them.

But then I received a simple Facebook message from a friend from the track, asking if I was still looking for a job. I was. It was a position doing a lot of little things for a small company with big aspirations. Social media, marketing and office management. All things that I’ve done before but it’s a completely different market and a product that is complex product that has a very small set of people who know what it is. I’ve been with Apex since March now, and I’m still learning new things all the time. I’m getting smarter and smarter and I really love that. Once a month the whole company gets together and tries to develop a new product. From concept to creation, it’s amazing watching people that smart put their minds to something and creating something tangible.

I am happy with the job I have.

But still not fulfilled.

Bike racing has become such a huge part of the life that I live in, that not putting on a race, not having that pressure is an awkward feeling.

So I tried to get together some cash, a quick course and the perfect day… or was it quick cash, the perfect course and some day… either way. Martin and I found a course. We picked a day. And I tried to find some cash. I found a couple good leads, but nothing that could happen in 2 months. But good potential for the future.

And then I was offered a job, one that had been in the works for over 6 months. It’s a part time job. Working a little every day to try and show off the good side of Detroit.

Social media for the Downtown Detroit Partnership.

Super cool.

And then Detroit announced it was filing for Chapter 9 Bankruptcy.


Luckily the DDP isn’t funded by the city, so my job is still safe, and I’ll be combatting all the negative stories that are coming from the bankruptcy with all of the positive stories that are happening in Downtown Detroit.


And I decide that I’ll put on a Detroit crit next year. Well, since I’ve let you down for the past 2 years, I’ll put on 3 Detroit crits next year. A shortened schedule. 4 hours, 4 categories, 4 different courses, one summer.

To summarize –  1) great new job with a super smart company, 2) great 2nd job with a company doing what I love, 3) planning 3 bike races in one year. What that means – 1) constantly learning and growing, 2) being able to direct my passions, 3) same as #2.

So – life is perfect.


The future for me holds Detroit – the positive and negative sides, bike races, tons of travel, a trip to Catalina Island in November (which deserves it’s own blog), a great job, another great job, a million adventures, and some great beer along the way.

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