These gloves



Today on my walk from my building to my car I found these gloves. Sitting on a ledge. Just like this.

Several thoughts passed through my mind as I went to grab my phone to snap a picture.

1) Was a very fancy lady standing at the ledge, wondering if her lover would show up. She took off her gloves so she could pull out her pack of cigarettes and smoke while she waited?




2) She was standing there when this 6 months winter started. She was just standing there, looking out on to the evening sky as the sun began to sink lower and lower, sooner and sooner with each passing day, thinking about all she thought she’d accomplish before the winter started. How her tan wasn’t yet perfected. She hadn’t finished that New York Times Best Seller that was sitting in her reading nook window that she designed based on some fabulous Pinterest pins. Soon her thoughts got the best of her, the winter settled in, her hands, hot with the sweat of regret, stuck to the cold cement. And there she stood, incased in regret and winters chill for 6 months. Finally 2 weeks ago she awoke, finding it to be a new year with seemingly endless possibilities lying ahead. She pulled her hands out of her gloves, leaving them behind with the regrets of the past.

reading nook



3) She just set them down as she was loading a full briefcase into her car and forgot them as one would forget a cup of coffee on top of their car, or keys in the front door.





I guess these gloves are a pick your own adventure.

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