What I’ve learned from 3 weeks on the road –

June 10th 2015, I worked for 4 hours,leaving at lunch to have Martin drive me to Enterprise where I picked up a FIAT, came home worked another 4 hours, put my dogs in the car […]

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The future

I hope that clears up the confusion on why I shoot bike races.   So, I’ve been told that I am sharing to much on social media about my breakup with Martin. Here’s the deal, […]

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These gloves

  Today on my walk from my building to my car I found these gloves. Sitting on a ledge. Just like this. Several thoughts passed through my mind as I went to grab my phone […]

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Criterium Detroit City – 2014

Along with taking pictures of bike races, I’ve also been known to put on a bike race or two… Actually, just 2. in 2011 I put on the first criterium in the city of Detroit […]

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My Future – Detroit & Bikes

I’ve mentioned it a few times in past posts, but last year I was planning on moving to California. It was so Martin could race bikes year round and so I could once again live […]

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I was scheduled to graduate college in December of 2006, but was told if I took one more class I could have a double concentration. This was right around the time when I learned that […]

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When your past and your current collide

I don’t make a habit of looking at the past, I have to much going on in my current and future to look back. But sometimes the past sneaks into your daily life. Yesterday the start of […]

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Willow TT and Specialized

I received an email a few weeks back from a race promoter, asking if I would partner with the race and shoot the photos for it.  While this doesn’t sound like an unusual request, in […]

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Spring Alley Cat: 4/20 Drug Wars!

While I don’t have any bike races on my calendar this year, it doesn’t mean I’m not helping out a little. Yesterday, even with as cold as it was we had a bunch of brave souls come […]

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At work we were given the option of dressing up for halloween if we wanted to.  It’s cool that an office place would let you do that. Not that many people came dressed up, but […]

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